Types of Insurance

Here is a list of the most popular options offered and a brief description of each. If you would like to know more please call our toll free number 1-866-559-1696 or drop us an email request and we will be happy to discuss your options with you in greater detail.

Good News for tobacco users! If you use tobacco products; pipe, cigar, chew or dip, anything EXCEPT CIGARETTES, we can get you NON-Tobacco rates for life insurance.

Final Expense

Normal funeral cost is at least $7,500.00. A final expense policy can pay for $3,000.00 up to $35,000.00. This policy will provide the needed capital for the funeral and related expenses. Also, it can be used to pay off lingering debts so that this burden is not left for loved ones.

Medicare Supplements

Commonly referred to as Medigap coverage. It pays what medicare does not cover; deductable, co-insurance, and copayments. It is NOT a Mediare Advantage Plan (i.e. HMO/PPO). Medigap plans are governed by federal and state laws that require the insurance companies to adhere to a strict ruleset for offering these options, usually denoted by the letters A - N. So most companies will carry the same basic plan but at different prices and some may include additional benifits.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a great option and can be used in many circumstances like paying off mortgage and creating immediate estate for heirs. Proceeds from a life insurance policy are TAX-FREE, and can be used to cover estate tax. A policy can even be purchased WITHOUT USING YOUR OWN MONEY. This is referred to as Premium Financing. Another use would be to sell the policy to provide immediate funds in an emergency situation, commonly referred to as a viatical settlement.


Annuities offer financial security and can be setup in numerous ways. Commonly used to provide guaranteed lifetime income.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care includes medical and non-medical care for people with a chronic illness or disability. A surviving spouse can retain only a limited amount of assets without a long term care policy if such care is needed. However, a Long Term Care policy will protect your assets in this situation and provide the needed care for the loved one.

Supplemental Insurance

Provides additional income when needed. Applies to in-hospital care, nursing home, home health care, and diagnosis for cancer. Funds from these policies are paid direct to you and can be used for out of pocket expenses not covered by other policies.